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Radio TechCon 2016 with Broadcast Bionics

The UK radio industry's
engineering and technology conference
at Arts Theatre, London, WC2H 7JB


David Lloyd

35 years in radio - battle-scarred from working in the UK's most competitive markets - but still enjoying every minute. From LBC to Virgin, Century to Galaxy, Trent to Lincs FM; Free Radio to Gem 106 and BBC local. From newstalk to CHR; from AC to built speech. Broadcaster, programmer, leader and manager, with regulatory experience. Having waved farewell to Orion Media, after many happy years, a few people are now asking David to lend a hand. From a fresh pair of ears to operational insight; from handling a quick project to handling a short term management challenge; from presenter coaching to lecturing or full station reviews. Most importantly of all, and as a passionate advocate for the role of Station Engineer, David has been our host for a number of years and is very much a TechCon legend.

Nicky Birch

Founder - Rosina Sound
Nicky has been working with the British Library to future-proof their audio archive as they begin the herculean task of establishing a national radio archive in 2017. Nicky was part of the senior management team at Somethin' Else, where she held the roles of head of Products and head of Radio Development and executive producer of the binaural audio games, Papa Sangre II and Audio Defence.

Dave Walters

Head of Product Systems and Services (TV, Radio & Archive) - BBC Design & Engineering
Dave hinders his excellent team design the tools and systems the BBC use to make the sounds and pictures fall out of your telly and radio. He started his career forever ago at Northern Air Hospital Radio, progressed through University Radio Hull, and worked in commercial radio looking after what eventually became the Global Brands of Heart, Capital, Classic & LBC to name just a few. Dave, a Fellow of the Radio Academy, refuses to use paper, hot-desks and drinks tea with milk during the day and cooking lager by night.

Issa Kassimu

Issa Kassimu started his career as an electrician. Since his graduation from the Uganda Technical College, he has being utilizing his acquired skills and hands on experience in designing, installing and maintaining renewable and non-renewable energy forms like solar systems, power generators, and managing sundry domestic and industrial electrical power related works that offer infrastructural growth and support to the humanitarian network across South Sudan. Before joining Internews South Sudan, Issa has been working for UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) and Southern Sudan beverages limited a SABMiller branch. He now advocates for the use of renewable energy sources like Solar systems so that the electrical power needs of the rural and off grid communities can be meet. In his spare time, Issa likes watching movies and news, hanging out with his family and friends, playing volleyball and listening to radio.

Dr Tony Churnside

Freelance Creative Technologist
Tony is a digital innovator and deliverer of successful, high impact digital firsts. He creates new audience experiences by leveraging technology in novel ways. Tony is internationally recognised as an expert in object based television and radio programme creation, and specialises in producing unique and inventive audience experiences. He is an expert in production workflows that deliver both traditional linear media and flexible, responsive, interactive new media experiences that work across different connected devices and in different environments. Tony was awarded his PhD in personalised and interactive audio experiences in 2015.

Charlotte Simon

Team Leader - BBC Master Control Room
Charlotte Simon joined the BBC straight from university (where she studied Chemistry) as a Graduate Trainee Engineer. She has worked in the Master Control Rooms for most of her career, initially working on Network Radio but now also on the World Service (radio & TV) operation as well as TV News. She became a Principal Engineer and is currently a Team Leader with line management responsibilities, an interesting challenge but very busy.

Nick Piggott

Project Director - RadioDNS Project, Independent Consultant
Nick has spent the majority of his career working in the radio industry, initially in programming and then moving to digital radio and online innovation. He created a much awarded multi-skilled team which launched the world's first commercial digital radio stations, and then went on to consistently deliver technology driven innovation for over a decade. Nick is one of the founders of RadioDNS Hybrid Radio, the open technology project that lets broadcast radio and IP work together, combining the power of broadcasting to reach many people and the power of the internet to deliver enhanced or personalised content. In addition to leading the RadioDNS project, Nick works with broadcasters globally on developing strategies to benefit from technological change.

Michael Hill

Managing Director - Radioplayer
Mike runs Radioplayer, a non-profit BBC/commercial radio collaboration that's now spread to 8 countries. Their aim is to keep radio simple to use, particularly on devices connected to the internet. They've launched web players, apps, hardware devices, and are now focusing on hybrid radio and in-car listening.

Neil Sedley

Technology Manager - Wireless Group National
Studied Applied Physics and Electronics at Lancaster University which is where I got involved in radio engineering at the student radio station. Joined BBC Radio as an engineer in 1983. Held several posts including Supervisor in London Control Room and a stint at Radio London. Left the BBC and broadcasting in 2000 to be a Systems Manager at a large ISP. Back into broadcasting in my current role in 2006.

Amy Beeston

KTP Associate - University of Sheffield
I am a postdoctoral researcher based in the Speech and Hearing Research Group at the University of Sheffield. I develop tools to extract pertinent information embedded in audio signals, and am particularly interested in using principles of human audition to improve the performance of machine listeners in everyday environments

Cleopatra Pike

Research Fellow - University of Surrey
Cleo completed a PhD in psychoacoustics at the University of Surrey's institute of Sound Recording. Here she investigated how the human hearing system adapts to the sound environment to hear sounds more clearly. She is currently conducting experiments to measure how our brain combines visual and auditory information - so that we have a better, picture of our environment. Cleo is interested in how her findings apply to technology and her research aims to aid applications such as robots who can hear like humans and room-adaptive loudspeakers.

Dr Danny Webster

Principal Design Engineer (RF) - Lime Microsystems Ltd.
Graduated from Swansea University in 1988. Worked for Thorn EMI Electronics Ltd. Awarded a Ph.D at University College London in 1995 and then worked as a Research Fellow at University College London, leading to consultancy work with Nokia, Roke Manor Research and Agilent. From 2001 worked for Hipertech Ltd. Senior member of the IEEE.

Nigel Fry

Head of Distribution - BBC World Service
Nigel commenced his current role in April 2010. He has responsibility for the processes and systems used to aggregate, distribute globally and transmit BBC World Service programmes. In his previous role as Head of Transmission & Distribution for BBC World Service, Nigel directed the total technology transformation of the scheduling and distribution environment and re-negotiated the major services contract. He graduated from Manchester University (then UMIST) in 1984 and joined the BBC. During his career he has been responsible for delivering a wide range of projects for national and local radio. In 1997 he was appointed programme manager for the playout and coding and multiplex systems required to launch digital television. Following this he commenced a period of consultancy, working in India, Denmark, Iceland and South Africa. Nigel joined the World Service in 2003.

Simon Mason

Technology Team - Arqiva Terrestial Broadcast
Simon Mason read Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University and joined the BBC at Pebble Mill working in Network Radio in the early-80s. He has worked in broadcasting for over 30 years both with public service broadcasters and the commercial sector. Simon's key expertise is in radio transmission and was part of the team that wrote the DAB specification and did the first high power trials that led to the BBC launching the national network. He then joined Arqiva and designed and deployed the D1 and local DAB networks. Simon has responsibility for the design of the radio technology that Arqiva deploys for it's Customers.

Peter Madry

Principal Broadcast Specialist - Ofcom
Peter is one of the team responsible for technical regulation and policy matters relating to broadcasting. As well as working on the Small Scale DAB project, he currently provides technical input to a number of other projects such as the expansion of local DAB and the 700 MHz Clearance programme. Prior to joining Ofcom in 2003, he spent 15 years building radio and television transmitters for the BBC and commercial broadcasters. He is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Chris Pike

Senior Scientist - BBC Research & Development
Chris is a PhD candidate in the Audio Lab at the University of York. He leads the BBC's work on immersive audio for broadcasting and virtual reality.

Tom Bartindale

Senior Researcher - Open Lab, Newcastle University
Tom specialises in new media production technologies and the opportunities arising from novel interaction technologies, collaborative interaction, mobile and situated computing. He has passion for exploring the possibilities for new media production tools, processes and social dynamics, particularly given the vast array of innovative interaction technologies and networking infrastructure now available. Open Lab is world leading multi-disciplinary human-computer-interaction research group. Their work focuses on the experience-centred design of digital technology and applied challenges in ubiquitous computing.

Phil Critchlow

CEO and Founding Director - TBI Media
Phil established TBI Media in 2006. The company will deliver around 600 programmes to the BBC and Commercial Radio, television and on line platforms over the next 12 months, as well as large scale broadcast events. TBI has won over 120 awards for creativity including 'Indie Of The Year' 2013/14/15 & 16 in New York.


TechCon is a TBC Media Ltd production.

Andy Buckingham

SVP Product Innovation - Aiir, Creative Technologist - togglebit Ltd
Andy is responsible for leading product innovation at Aiir, one of the leading independent technology service providers for audio content creators, with a fast growing international client base. He also provides development and consultancy through his studio togglebit, with previous projects including the Radioplayer Car product, and is a co-founder and looks after the systems for the RadioDNS hybrid radio project. Andy enthuses about his ability to blend his two passions of broadcasting and technology, with over 15 years experience working in radio having previously been a presenter and producer for the second largest commercial broadcaster and formally studying computer science.

Ann Charles

Ann is a radio producer-turned broadcast engineer who specialises in all things studios and workflow. Equally happy making programmes as running broadcast infrastructure projects, her career so far has included 12 years at the BBC, teaching journalism in New Zealand and training broadcast engineers and producers in South Sudan. After several years as a volunteer, she formed TBC Media Ltd. with two friends to take over the running of Radio TechCon in 2016. Outside of work, Ann can be found fitting parents with baby slings, drinking gin, and eating chocolate (not necessarily all at once.)

Aradhna Tayal

Project Manager, Producer and Consultant - Clockhouse Media
Aradhna runs Clockhouse Media working across broadcasting, media, film and events. She formerly worked at the BBC, which she joined over 12 years ago as a radio engineer, looking after the studios and production areas for the BBC's national radio networks. Aradhna subsequently trained engineers and technical staff on new studios, systems and workflows in the purpose built broadcasting centres at Media City UK, Salford and New Broadcasting House, London. She led a number of large-scale projects, including the launch of national television channels for the BBC's coverage of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Most recently she led the technology strategy for BBC Archives and managed their project portfolio.


Alongside thanking our speakers for their time and contribution, we'd like to extend special thanks to the following volunteers without whom the event wouldn't be possible:

Phil Bignell, Adam Bowie, Ulrich du Bosque, Rupert Brun, Caz Evans, Mark Farrington, Matt Gray, David James, Martin James, Richard Johnston, Simon Price, Alec Thomas and Simon Tuff.