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Radio TechCon 2016 with Broadcast Bionics

The UK radio industry's
engineering and technology conference
at Arts Theatre, London, WC2H 7JB

Radio TechCon is the UK radio industry's engineering and technology conference.

It's aimed at broadcast engineers and anybody with an interest in radio, audio, technology and engineering - managers and techy-savvy producers are welcome!

Get up to speed on the latest tech for the radio industry with speakers from across the industry and beyond this November at Radio TechCon - with Broadcast Bionics.


Here's just some of the sessions you can expect on the 28th...

  • The Changing Landscape of Radio

    Where are the current trends in radio and online audio leading to? What will radio be, and what might it sound (and look) like in its 2022 centenary year and beyond? Hear the findings from a major research project from Nicky Birch, commissioned by the British Library.

  • Mini Masterclass: Software Defined Radio

    The technology powering the recent Small Scale DAB trials is getting cheaper and smaller. This session takes you from beginner to SDR expert in minutes plus presents some exciting new developments.

  • The (technical) story of Virgin Radio's launch OB

    Outside broadcasts challenging. You've got to keep the signal steady, that guests are in place, and that nothing interrupts the experience. So when Virgin Radio launched, they decided to go big... by broadcasting from a moving train. Hear from coordinator Phil Critchlow about the challenge of staying on air, on time and keeping everyone on board.

  • Solar-Powered Transmission: A Case Study from South Sudan

    Fuel prices are high, and the sun is free, so is it really possible to power a radio station using the sun alone? Similar projects had run with limited success - until Electrician Issa Kassimu stepped in. Hear how the station managed it, the lessons learned so far, and work out whether solar could be a technology you could use at your station, too.

  • Internet-Fit Radio

    Beyond turning radio studios in to TV studios, what can be changed to impact the audio content creation workflow to make it "internet fit"? We hear of a major BBC project exploring this question.

  • Under the bonnet of in-car radio

    Join us as we journey through the essential standards and practices to make your stations a great in-car experience. Find out how technologies such as hybrid radio help you overtake the competition by building a great user experience. Then race in to the future of radio in the car with a look at what’s to come.

For all this and more, please check the complete list of announced sessions.

Photo credits: Brennen Bearnes, Brennen Bearnes, Virgin Radio, Karen/Brad Emerson, BBC, UK Radioplayer


Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, London, WC2H 7JB.

Nearest Tube: Leicester Square (Exit 3)
Nearest National Rail: Charing Cross (10 mins), Waterloo (15-20 mins)
Registration: Opens
Conference: Starts
Drinks: From


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