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Radio TechCon 2016 with Broadcast Bionics

The UK radio industry's
engineering and technology conference
at Arts Theatre, London, WC2H 7JB


The Changing Landscape of Radio

Where are the current trends in radio and online audio leading to? What will radio be, and what might it sound (and look) like in its 2022 centenary year and beyond? Hear the findings from a major research project from Nicky Birch, commissioned by the British Library.

Internet-Fit Radio

Beyond turning radio studios in to TV studios, what can be changed to impact the audio content creation workflow to make it "internet fit"? We hear of a major BBC project exploring this question.

Solar-Powered Transmission: A Case Study from South Sudan

Is it really possible to power a radio station using the sun alone? That was the question posed by a radio station in South Sudan. Fuel prices are high, and the sun is free, so it was a project they really wanted to try. Similar projects had run with limited success - until Electrician Issa Kassimu stepped in. Hear how the station managed it, the lessons learned so far, and work out whether solar could be a technology you could use at your station, too.

Where next for audio R&D?

Discussions about the future of audio and radio are all around, but what should we be focusing on technically? Tony Churnside gives a brief history of the future. And, if you want to be part of making that happen, Tom Campbell explains how your company can apply for funding for Audio R&D research.

Mini Masterclass: Radio in the Car - "The Grand Tour"

Join us as we journey through the essential standards and practices to make your stations a great in-car experience. Find out how technologies such as hybrid radio help you overtake the competition by building a great user experience. Then race in to the future of radio in the car with a look at what's to come.

How to fit a quart into a pint pot

The trials and tribulations (and successes) of having to build enough studios and a performance space, within the limits of a fixed deadline, modest budget and an already full building, for three new digital services (talkSPORT2, talkRADIO and Virgin).

The Algorithmic Ear

This talk explores how psychology and acoustics are influencing machine listening methods to develop a range of smart audio technologies. These include large-vocabulary continuous-speech recognition systems such as Siri and Alexa on the one hand, and applications which analyse prosodic aspects of conversation, such as voice pitch and speech rate, on the other. The researchers will talk about some of their own work examining how the human hearing system deals with complexity in the listening environment, and will reflect on how psychology impacts on the delivery of audio media to the user.

Mini Masterclass: Software Defined Radio

A quick guide to Software Defined Radio; what it is, where it came from and where it is going. What uses might you make of it in your everyday job?

It's all about Timing

Satellites, relativity and jammers from China - a whistlestop tour of why timing is important to us, how it works and why it's a problem when it breaks

Small scale DAB+

This new form of broadcasting's been in place for a year. Now Ofcom has published its report, we find out what stations have been doing so far - and what happens next. Ofcom presented their report to government on the 26th September 2016. How does this effect the future of DAB in the UK.

Sound, it's all around...

BBC R&D discuss advances in spatial audio technology. Learn about 3D sound for Virtual Reality and immersive radio broadcasting.

The Studio is Dead. Long Live the Studio

The Open Lab vision has studio teams, consisting of a mix of community and professional members, collaborating whilst distributed in time and space by using mobile telephone tools & networks. This is illustrated in their project which delivers community radio in refugee camps over telephone networks, producing highly social content for the audience but without the constraint of fixed facilities. Let's open the discussion into how consumer mobile tools, non-radio networks and distributed cognition approaches can be deployed to re-imagine live radio production.

The (technical) story behind Virgin Radio's launch OB

Outside broadcasts are rarely without their challenges. You've got to make sure the signal is steady, guests are in place on time, and that nothing interrupts the experience for the listeners (or the advertisers). So when Virgin radio launched, they decided to go big broadcasting from a moving train. Hear from event coordinator Phil Critchlow about the technical challenges of staying on air, on time and keeping everyone on board.


We will have a mini exhibition open during the breaks and at lunch to meet with some interesting organisations to see and discuss their products and services.

Broadcast Bionics

Broadcast Bionics is a global leader in software development, consultancy, support and hardware distribution to the broadcast and installation markets. Specifically focusing on telephony, playout, scheduling, consoles and audio over IP solutions, our unique relationship with leading suppliers from around the world, combined with in-house expertise in software development, IT and broadcast allows us to focus on meeting every broadcaster's needs.

Broadcast Radio

At Broadcast Radio we are all about one thing and one thing only...broadcast radio technology. From complete station builds to spare headphones, we are ready to help you with your passion.


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Inspiring the next generation of engineers and technicians, informing the wider engineering community and influencing government and standards to advance society. Find out how membership of the IET can benefit you.

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Established to foster better collaboration between science, creativity and business. Find out how KTN can further your projects and career.


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