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TechCon FAQs

What is (Radio) TechCon?

Radio TechCon is the UK radio and audio industry’s technical and engineering conference. It’s held annually and welcomes radio broadcast engineers, developers, technically-savvy producers, managers, radio industry suppliers and those working in related audio industries together to discuss the future of radio and audio and celebrate the achievements of the last year.

Are you no longer part of The Radio Academy?

TechCon has been run in many different ways over the last few years. Most recently, it was part of The Radio Academy’s Radio Festival. Unfortunately, as a charity, the Radio Academy has got limited resources and cannot run all the events it would like.

To save the event from being lost, some of the former TechCon committee team formed a company, TBC Media Ltd, so that (Radio) TechCon could continue. This new structure began in 2016.

Although it’s now an independent event, The Radio Academy is still very supportive. In 2016, the Managing Director, Roger Cutsforth, said, “Engineering and technology are vital to radio’s future and we are delighted to support TBC Media in this exciting new chapter for Radio TechCon. Whilst an independent event, Academy members will benefit from discounted ticket prices and we wish TBC Media the very best of luck.”

Who or what is TBC Media Ltd?

TBC Media Ltd. is the company which is now running Radio TechCon. It’s made up of former TechCon volunteers, Ann Charles and Aradhna Tayal, along with some helpers from across the industry who are giving their time to help make sure the event runs as well as it can! We had to form a company so that the event had the right legal structure to continue in its new form.

I don’t think I am very ‘technical’ – should I still attend?

You are more than welcome!

Although TechCon is primarily aimed at engineers and technical staff, we are delighted when producers, managers, and other interested people attend.

Remember, even among the engineers, nobody is an expert in everything – the sessions will vary across the day from more in-depth stuff to case-studies from real radio situations. We hope that everyone will find out something they didn’t know before.

We work very hard with our presenters to make sure they explain terminology and have a definition screen in to flag up technical terms which might be used as a reminder to the audience (not all of the definitions are that serious).

Radio and audio only work well when people with different experiences come together to share – we really do want you there, too!

Producers who have visited in the past have commented about how much more ‘in touch’ they feel after attending TechCon – we often discuss things 2-3 years ahead of the more mainstream conferences, so if you want to know where the worlds of radio and audio are heading, get yourself to TechCon and you’ll be among the first to know.

The greatest broadcasters are the ones who are curious, and really understand the technology they are using. Come to TechCon and you’ll be up there with the best!

(Oh, and if it all gets too much – we usually go to the bar afterwards…)

I don’t work in radio …am I still allowed to come?

Of course! 🙂

Anyone is welcome. If you work in audio, sound, electronics, IT, software/apps, or other areas of broadcasting, you might find it especially useful.

I would like to sponsor the event – how can I get involved?


We are grateful for all support, including sponsorship of the main event, certain sections of the event (e.g. meal breaks and breakout rooms) and also bursaries to subsidise tickets for groups who may otherwise not be able to attend.

I have a shiny new product that I’d love to show you – how can I get involved?

This year’s Trade Fair will be virtual and reserved for our sponsors who will be telling us about their products and showcasing their latest wares. Contact if you’d like to sponsor the event.

I have a great idea for a topic or speaker – who do I tell?

We’d love to hear your idea – contact

We are especially keen to hear proposals from women and speakers of diverse backgrounds. We have a team of producers who can help put talks together, so even if you don’t have a fully-formed idea, get in touch and we’ll see if it could be a good fit.

How else can I stay in touch?

Sign up for our e-mail newsletter. People on our e-mail list will always be the first to hear Radio TechCon news and ticket announcements (we won’t give your details to anyone else or add you to any other lists without your permission).

We also have a Facebook page, where we post links to useful radio technology news and you can ask for help if you have got stuck with something at your station.

On Twitter and Instagram, we’re @radtechcon and our hashtag is #radtechcon

Radio Techcon 2021 specific event FAQs

Radio TechCon 2021 will take place on Monday, 29th November 2021 as a virtual event.

We will update this section of the FAQ with more details in due course.

Random / Misc. FAQs

What does ‘TBC Media’ stand for?

TBC Media Ltd. stands for creating amazing events that combine the technological and production parts of the radio engineering community so practitioners can come together to share experiences, learn new ideas and solve the industry’s challenges as part of a wider technical community.

No, I don’t want any of that corporate nonsense. What do the initials stand for?

That’d be telling. We might give you the answer if you buy us enough gin.

In the meantime, this is our favourite guess so far…

I want to know something else or I have a brilliant suggestion for you – what do I do?

Drop us an e-mail: