2020 Bursaries

This is an archive page – for details of this year’s event, please go to radiotechcon.com

Close up of the audience at Radio TechCon 2016

Part of the ethos of Radio TechCon is to make the event as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We know that not everybody can afford the cost of purchasing a ticket, or may face other barriers in feeling able to attend an industry event.

Therefore, we are pleased to offer two types of bursary, thanks to the generosity of Lead Sponsor Cleanfeed and additional support from Bauer Media, Wireless, togglebit, Ann Charles Media, Clockhouse Media, Marvcat Media and two anonymous donors.

Lead Sponsor: Cleanfeed

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Additional support from:

Bauer Media   Wireless

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Ann Charles Media   Clockhouse Media

Marvcat Media

Organisation Bursary

Male TechCon delegate collecting his pass

Credit: Vincent Lo

This bursary is aimed at organisations which work with sections of the radio industry that we know contain people less likely to be able to afford to attend the conference.

Three nominated groups – Community Media Association, Student Radio Association and Sound Women Network – have been given three tickets each. They are able to distribute them among their networks as they see fit. This may take the form of awarding them as a thank you to a hardworking volunteer, using them as a prize in a competition, or in any way which works with the values of that organisation.

If you are interested in applying for one of these bursary places, you need to contact the CMA, SRA and SWN directly. Radio TechCon does not have any control over how the organisations decide to distribute tickets to their members.

Individual Bursary

In addition to the Organisation Bursary, we are delighted to offer the Individual Bursary.

There are ten tickets available under this scheme.

To be eligible, you need to meet at least one of the criteria below, and complete the application form by 23:59 on Saturday 31st October 2020.

We will let the successful applicants know by Friday 6th November 2020.

If you are not eligible you can still help – please share this page with your networks!

Individual Bursary eligibility

Philippa and Aradhna chatting during a Radio TechCon break

Credit: Vincent Lo

At Radio TechCon we really care about having an equal, diverse and inclusive industry, and we love being a part of the radio, audio, engineering and technology community. This year, we are delighted to offer ten Individual Bursaries to make sure that everyone who wants to join us feels they have a fair opportunity to come along.

These Individual Bursaries are intended for people who have barriers which may prevent them from attending, such as financial constraints. We are also keen to encourage applicants who are currently underrepresented in engineering – this may include, but is not limited to: people with disabilities, LGBTQI+, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, women, carers etc.

This bursary is not intended for companies or organisations to use instead of buying tickets for their staff.

You need to be based in the UK in order to apply.

We use an honour system. We trust that if you apply, it’s because you understand the ethos of the scheme and believe that you are eligible. If you will benefit from attending Radio TechCon and have financial constraints or feel under-represented then we want to hear from you – please apply now.

The details…

  • There are ten Individual Bursaries available.
  • The Individual Bursary is a free ticket to Radio TechCon 2020. This year’s event is virtual, so you will need to have internet access and a suitable device in order to join (please note on your application form if this is a barrier for you).
  • If you apply for, or receive, an Individual Bursary, we won’t tell anybody. We are very happy for you to talk/blog/social media about it if you wish!
  • If we receive more than ten applications, we will review the entries with a panel of people from the industry to help make the selection. We will make sure that your application is anonymised and that the panel keep all entries confidential.
  • The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Saturday 31st October.
  • We will let you know whether your application has been successful by Friday 6th November.
  • Radio TechCon takes place on Monday 30th November 2020, online.

And finally…

Building community and sharing the love of engineering and technology is important to us, so if you receive a bursary, we ask that you share the knowledge you gained at Radio TechCon with others in some way. This doesn’t have to be complicated – e.g. it could be a blogpost, vlog, small presentation to the team at your station, poster, interpretive dance… Whatever works for you and your circumstances!

Apply for a Radio TechCon 2020 Individual Bursary

Direct form link if embedded version isn’t displaying correctly. 

If you have any questions, please contact team@radiotechcon.com

Why are you doing this?

Two delegates, a man and a woman, chatting at the Radio TechCon 2017 coffee break. There is another man in the background.

Credit: Radio Today/Vincent Lo

Broadcast engineering with a specialism in radio or audio is the best job in the world! Bringing different parts of the technical community together to share ideas each year gives a wonderful opportunity for new creativity and friendships to spark.

However, as much as we adore our industry and colleagues, engineering can lack diversity.

We all know that to solve problems, we need people with a range of experiences and backgrounds. We also need to attract new talent to our industry, as there is a shortage of broadcast engineers in the UK at present.

Radio TechCon is magic, and we want to share our collective buzz and excitement for the work we all do in our various jobs with as many people as possible.

The two bursary schemes mean that 10% of the Radio TechCon audience will have benefited from a supported place. Our industry works best when we support each other, so this is a small step to help bring down the barriers to becoming more involved in the radio and technology community.

How can I help?

Two male delegates chatting during Radio TechCon 2017

Credit: Vincent Lo

If you are eligible to apply, please do!

If you are not eligible, please share this page with your networks, so that other people are able to find out about the scheme and benefit from it.

Remember, the deadline for applications for the Individual Bursary is 23:59 on Saturday 31st October.

If you would like to sponsor bursary places, or have feedback on how to improve our outreach, please e-mail team@radiotechcon.com

Radio TechCon only happens once a year, so don’t forget to buy your ticket now! It’s all about getting involved. See the tickets page for more details.

Many thanks to ffconf for the inspiration for this scheme.