Radio TechCon returns for 2017 at our new venue, the iconic home of broadcasting IET London: Savoy Place.

Because we’re unveiling sessions over the coming weeks, this page is always the best place to come to see all that has been announced so far.

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Sessions Announced So Far

  • 5G, or not 5G?
    There’s a lot of fuss over the next generation telecoms standard, which seeks to merge a lot of existing tech (cell, Wi-Fi, IoT comms and more) into a new “super technology”. Find out what’s coming up in the 5G specification, what it will allow us to do and why radio should care..
  • AES67 in the real world
    An update on the latest AoIP standards, with Jaime Laundon from the BBC. We will focussing particularly on the more tricky aspects of interoperability, with some real world examples of AES67 ‘in the wild’.
  • How #onelovemanchester was broadcast around the world
    The inside story from ‘this generation’s Live Aid’, how an OB from Manchester to the world was planned and executed in a very short space of time. With insight from the BBC and other broadcasters on their involvement.
  • Smart Speakers and radio
    Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, HomePod… Smart Speakers are rapidly becoming essential in the homes of many of our listeners. But what does it mean for radio? How do they work? How do you make a smart speaker ‘Skill’? Find out with expert input from Mike Hill of UK Radioplayer and Dan McQuillin from Broadcast Bionics.
  • The radio time machine
    Radio TechCon looks to the future, but what can we learn from the past? In the glorious surroundings of the IET’s headquarters (and early home of the BBC), find out how the first radio and transmission engineers got the presenters of the 1920s and 30s on air.